Hey, my name is Alexandra Csatári - Alexandra means “defend" and Csatári means “striker”.

The meaning of these two words describes my personality quite well and the way I work as a designer and illustrator. I have a great passion for helping people and I’m keen to make a positive impact through my work, raise awareness of important issues and tell stories that matter. I believe that with the power of design opinions and behaviours can be changed for good.

I'm a fresh graduate graphic designer from Arts University Bournemouth. During my studies I became more interested in working on societal issues, I enjoy problem-solving and designing with the users. I’m also interested in planning and designing campaigns and using illustrations to get across an important message. However, my interests are much greater than this, I am always eager to learn something new, experiment and broaden my practice.

In the past two years, I also started freelancing and I  have created various online and offline graphic assets for clients such as catalogues, package designs, CV designs and illustrations.

Brands and organizations I have worked with:
Netflix, TEDxLibertyBridgeWomen, DorsetMind, Hilton Hotel

If you'd like to find out more about my projects or work with me, let's talk!
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