Father Figures - Exploring 21st Century Fatherhood

Father Figures was a learning journey exploring 21st century Fatherhood, taking place from October 2021 to May 2022. This booklet is a collection of contributions from the ten men who took part.

Father Figures is a project exploring 21st century fatherhood.
For six months, ten men across the UK have been supporting each other to dive deep on this tender and important topic of Fatherhood, via an innovative peer-led learning process developed by Huddlecraft.

At the end, we created a booklet together with the group and they also organised a sharing event as well.


I joined the course as a volunteer designer to get a better understanding of fathers and their struggles, joys and individual journeys. First, I interviewed all the participants to get a better understanding of their personal stories and from there I created an illustration of each participant.
These 6 months were deeply special for all participants, so we closely worked together on the booklet to present their journey the best way we could.  

The catalogue
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