Nurture – special care for houseplants

The brand that appeals to younger generations and highlights the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and humans.

The pandemic has negatively affected the emotional and mental well-being of Millennials and Gen Zs. During this period, most of them experienced increased stress levels.

However, many studies have found that plant lovers are coping better during lockdown than others, with the conclusion being that having pot plants in the home is beneficial to mental health.

As the Gen Z generation has the most mental health issues, I wanted to highlight the mental health benefits of having plants indoors with my product.

Currently, gardening products are mostly using photographs or vintage illustrations on their labels, so I decided to give a fresh look at the labels and make them more appealing for younger generations.

It wasn't just a label that needed a redesign, I find it important to remove the dangerous, chemical aspect of plant products and use a glass pipette to change the customers relationship with the product and highlight that our plants need and deserve special care.

The brand name 'Nurture’ reflects on the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and humans. As they take care of us, we have to take care of them too. 


Every plant has different needs, so in the end, I created 3 different types of plant food. With the illustrations, I wanted to show how we grow together with the plants as we take care of each other. I also find it important to create a male, female, and gender-fluid character.

In the advertisement, I wanted to give more information about how plants can actually help our everyday lives, but also promote the product.

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