Phone recycling with Giffgaff

Encourage the general public, to recycle their phones with giffgaff through a set of illustrations.

The challenge was to encourage Giffgaff members, and the general public, to recycle their phones through a set of illustration or animation.
The story needed to be fun, not too educational and easily understandable for a wider audience. The campaign’s goal is to motivate people to recycle their phones with Giffgaff and show how easy it is and how it benefits everyone. 
My main difficulty was to find a way to tell the story in a unique way, but still, show the process clearly for the audience. The visual style and the characters personalities were changed several times during my process, but consultation with people from different age groups helped me shape my storytelling in the right way.
For the illustration, I created a visual style that is unique but still fits with the brand. The cartoon characters make the advert entertaining and the emphasized 4 steps also make the process more memorable, but it still promotes circular recycling.

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