Spectrum Grad Show Promotion

Aim to highlight the broad range of individual graphic designers that make our course unique and exciting.


In 2021 due to the pandemic, final year shows had to adapt and came up with different ideas and approaches. With the team, we decided to focus on a physical year catalogue and promote it online.
On our socials, we were posting third-year projects, interviews with people from the industry, Instagram Takeovers and Quizzes!

Our final year show was called Spectrum, as our aim was to introduce all the different designers from our course.
In this project, I worked mostly as a project manager, but I was involved in the development of the identity as well. Moreover, I was also lucky enough to make the interviews with some great designers for our socials! With the interviews, we wanted to focus on individuality in design and we decided to ask the same question from every interviewee.
Online promotion
To see more promotional posts (such as interviews, takeovers and quizzes) visit our Instagram or Linkedin page.
The catalogue
Clich here to see the online version of the catalogue.
If you'd like to find out more about this project or working with me,
let's talk.

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