Arts University Bournemouth - Graduation Show

The brief

In March we were asked to start the branding of our Graduation Show and come up with a visual identity, a brand strategy for socials, and a plan for the catalogue as well.

My role in the team

In the beginning, I was helping with the creation of the visual identity and I also set up a Trello board and a Google Drive for us. I was responsible to create a system in Google Drive for the whole team. I also organized weekly meetings and I sent out updates as well. In our Google Drive I'm updating the upcoming tasks weekly in our excel sheets and I also prepare hashtags for the Instagram posts.

I also created some templates and graphic assets for Instagram. Moreover, I'm emailing designers and creatives from the industry, and I'm organizing and conducting interviews with them.

Core team

Dominikus Kronwitter
Carl Doneza
Uti David
Cynthia Porta
Alexandra Csatári

Other team members

Carolina Costa E Silva
Ella Coleman
Olivia Simpson
Oli Bedall
Martin Nachev
Nikola Slavov

Brand identity

In March everyone was equally involved in the development of the visual identity. We came together every week to showcase our ideas on our Miro board. At the and we came up with the name Spectrum, as we aim to highlight the broad range of individual graphic designers that make our course unique and exciting.

Social media - Interviews

With the interviews we wanted to focus on individuality in design and we decided to ask the same question from every interviewee. Our questions are the following:
What is “good design”? As a group of designers working together, how do you best balance the individual and the collective? As a designer, how do you balance your own individuality/style and general design trends? What is one piece of design advice you always go back to?
Social media strategy

So far, we were posting third-year projects, but now we are only focusing on posting Final Major Projects and interviews on Instagram and Linkedin. In our stories we had weekly takeovers from students, we have quizzes and we share every update about our course!
Coming up

In the upcoming weeks we will post more Final Major Projects on our Instagram and Linkedin page and share more interviews with people from the industry. We also start to design our Graduation catalogue which will be realesed in July with our website as well.

If you are interested to see our journey please give us a follow on Instagram and Linkedin!

What do you think about the project? Is there anything you like about it or you would change? I would really appreciate to get some feedback. Also, if you are interested in getting a copy from our catalogue please

Get in touch!

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